Marigold Artisans
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About Us



Marigold Artisans is a collective of artisans and young design talents who are given a platform to embrace their deep love of traditional craft and contemporary design. The collection, named after the marigold flower, is associated with the sun and symbolic of energy and creativity. Each piece is a celebration of design and redefines luxury in a fresh and modern way. 

 The brand’s creative director, Aret Tikiryan, is excited to give life to a collection that celebrates design in a fresh and modern way. "Marigold Artisans embodies a joyful sense of luxury,” says Tikiryan. “Its colorful, well-crafted designs are aesthetically compelling and are made by young designers and artisans who are given a platform to create unique pieces.”

Tikiryan is proud to not only showcase new talent, but also to support children in need. Tikiryan says, “My professional life has been focused on helping children. I’m looking forward to continuing this passion through the effort of Marigold Artisans by donating a percentage of sales to children’s philanthropic organizations.” 

The brand is created in collaboration with Michael Aram, Inc. Terri Eagle, President and CEO of Michael Aram, feels there is a need for young and talented designers to bring pieces to market without the obstacles that face emerging brands today. Eagle says, “Michael Aram is excited to support Marigold Artisans as an emerging company. Under the support and guidance of Aret, these creations will offer a fresh perspective to the marketplace.”