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Marigold Artisans’ Creative Director, Aret Tikiryan, is proud to showcase new talent and to support Children’s Burn Foundation, a charity whose mission he has a personal connection to. After experiencing 2nd and 3rd degree burns as a result of an accident in early childhood, Tikiryan was motivated to become an occupational therapist to help the burn injured of all ages. Says Tikiryan, “even though I have switched careers from healthcare to design, serving others is an intrinsic need of mine, and I am pleased to contribute any way I can through the effort of Marigold Artisans by donating a percentage of profits to children’s philanthropic organizations.”

The Children’s Burn Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support services for child burn survivors, ages 0-18 and their families.

The Children’s Burn Foundation is concerned with the Full Recovery of a child burn survivor, addressing not only their physical needs, but their psychological, emotional, and social recovery as well.

Today, the Foundation provides state-of-the-art reconstructive treatment, emergency family assistance, survivor and family camps, counseling, a teen support program, and prevention and education programs that reach more than 50,000 children and families annually.